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Jessi Norvell, with her husband Taylor, and their two daughters. Most recent family portrait, we try to do them annually - especially while the kids are little and change so much each year!

Hi, I'm Jessi... Nice to meet you!

I am a Wedding & Portrait Photographer based in Panhandle TX.  I love people, and I am passionate about documenting life's memories and milestones.  I believe in empowering everyday people by giving them a better than "everyday" experience!  

My favorite subjects are the ones who think they are "not photogenic".  It is my goal to take the most beautiful portrait you have ever seen of yourself, and remind you that you ARE beautiful.  Pair that with a beautiful moment - a laugh, a hug, a shared look with a loved one - and we have the recipe for a treasured memory that we will then print and make sure you can treasure for a lifetime!  


Want to know even more about me personally??  Read on...

First, I'm a Jesus lover who loves my family! I'm married to the man of my dreams and together we have two beautiful daughters that early in our marriage, doctors said we would never have.  But faith moves mountains, and mine was definitely tested with three failed adoptions and two more losses that reminded me to turn my eyes to Him.  I am not perfect, but I work hard to share my love of God every day.  It's probably not surprising that one way I do this is sharing stories.  

So, that brings me to number two -- I absolutely love stories - everyone's story is so unique and beautiful.  Which probably explains why I am so in love with weddings. So, what's my story?  Well, to start I was adopted by two very special people who always pushed me to become a better version of myself.  I have two brothers from birth, and I have a brother and sister from being adopted.  My mom died when I was almost 8 years old.  I miss her every day.  I wish that I had more and better pictures of her!  She was a battered woman who didn't see how special she was, and if I could wish one thing, it would be that she could have known what a gift she was!

Third, the agriculture industry has had a huge influence on my life:
My dad was a rodeo guy in college
y mom was a county extension agent when they met.
~I showed animals, and competed in FFA Contests in high school

~I am very competitive - 3 National Championships made me hungry to win!
                        One of my biggest projects in high school was working to take pictures and helping design a huge book explaining the process and progress of our team restoring a tractor.  We won Nationals (two years in a row!), and I still look back and can feel the influence of all my projects that involved pictures and documentation. 
~I met my husband Taylor one summer in FFA, and we were "just friends" for three years of high school... once we admitted we loved each other, it was like the Lord's path for us was clear.  Despite being babies, we were married at just 19 and have now been married over a decade!

~I graduated Magna Cum Laude with an Interdisciplinary Agriculture degree from Texas Tech University.
~I taught High School Agriculture Science before I was called to be a Professional Photographer.
~Being an Ag Teacher, I traveled to many different cities and states for competitions and found out quickly that I am in LOVE with traveling.  Which translates beautifully into my job now as a destination wedding photographer!


Why do I love weddings

Shocker -- I adore the love stories!  I love hearing all about how couples fell in love.  I love documenting their engagement portraits, and getting real moments that show how much they love each other.  I'm a sucker for details, and a bridal session showing off the ring and the dress that you spent so much time looking for just the right one - that makes my heart so happy!  

And then wedding days inspire me like no other!  It is my belief that your photography should be a means through which your love story is told and the beginning of your marriage is off on the right foot, with the intention of moving in the direction God has set out for your relationship.  You only get one shot at your wedding day.  You spend hours choosing the perfect details to marry this wonderfully unique person whose version of crazy compliments yours.  You deserve for your memories from this day and from this special start in God's plan for your relationship to be documented as perfectly as you remember it.  That's where I come in!  

~I am a memory keeper.
~I love emotional moments, and if I make you comfortable enough to share your real emotions on your wedding day and forget there's even a camera there - then I know I've done my job.  Those are moments you don't get back, but with a little luck and a lot of determination - I will catch a tear on a normally steadfast groom or a crooked smile on the face of a typically grumpy father of the bride.  Those moments are everything.


Okay, so why do I love portraits? 

Life changes so fast!  From that beautiful baby bump that protects the most precious thing you will ever create to the precious tiny yawns from a sweet sleepy newborn which turn into belly laughs from an unsteady toddler.  Before we know it, they're learning to write their name, do a cartwheel, and catch bugs.  These are the sweet moments we don't want to forget as they outgrow our laps and move on to their own activities.  Graduation comes too fast, and before we know it they're on their own starting their own relationships and family stories.  A portrait session stops time in its tracks and protects the perfectly imperfect moments, so we can remember them forever.   


Truly, portraits can do so much.  I create artwork that tells a story.  My own little girls LOVE my wedding photos.  They love the few photos we have of their grandmother.  They love hearing stories about the memories we have from before they were born.  Photographs allow us to tell our story to those who will come after us, creating family heirlooms that will leave a legacy for generations.


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Headshot of Jessi Norvell, the photographer and artist behind Darkroom Junkie PhotographyAmarillo Panhandle Newborn and Family Milestone Photographer, Jessi NorvellJessi Norvell, Photographer at Darkroom Junkie Photography

Darkroom Junkie Photography's studio is located in West Texas near Amarillo in Panhandle TX, and is owned by camera artist, Jessi Norvell.  Jessi is a graduate of Texas Tech University, and has been a photographer since 2011 (wedding photographer since 2014).  She is a member of Professional Photographers of America, is currently fine tuning her Certified Professional Photographer image portfolio, and is a student at The International Academy of Professional Wedding Photographers.