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Preparing for Your Family or Couple Session

Your Questions Answered

Family Portrait by Amarillo TX Family PhotographerFamily Portrait by Amarillo TX Family PhotographerAmarillo Family Photography by Darkroom Junkie Photography taken in Palo Duro Canyon


What should we wear?

2 Quick Suggestions --

Dressy Look - Ladies, wear a cocktail dress and guys wear a basic suit.  Boutique outfits for kids with pearls or bowties make a fun addition.

Casual Look - Ladies, wear a properly-fitting lace or cotton dress and add accessories in a color that matches the guy's shirt.  Kids can have more playful patterns or layers to tie everybody together.  


Amarillo Photography-Engagement PortraitAmarillo Photography-Engagement PortraitEngagement and Wedding portraits by Amarillo Wedding Photographer, Darkroom Junkie Photography taken in Hermleigh, Texas at Buckhorn Springs Outfitters. Wedding Engagement Photography by Jessi Norvell of Darkroom Junkie Photography  



 More In-Depth Tips --

Here are a few tips I like to share when you’re thinking about what to wear for your family session:

  • I highly recommend dressing up a little more than you typically would.  Even a casual look should be dressier tops with dark jeans or khakis.  
  • Avoid being too matchy-matchy. Gone are the days of a whole family wearing white t-shirts and jeans. You’ll want what you wear to complement each other, not copy! (Using a pop of color to tie your outfits together always works well).  If you'd like something to match, consider matching shoes like chucks or boots for a cute tie-in to your outfits.  
  • For women, avoid shirts that are baggy or super-loose. Sometimes the camera can exaggerate the looseness in the clothing, which can cause one to appear more round than they really are.
  • Would you like to bring an outfit change (one casual look, one dressy look)? It’s sometimes nice to switch things up a bit and if we change locations, it will essentially be like you had two photoshoots.  Let me know if this is something you'd like to try and we can plan accordingly!
  • Solid colored clothing items are great, and it can look very nice to bring in a pattern, if you have only one person wearing the pattern.

Darkroom Junkie Photography by Jessi Norvell

  • Wear what you feel comfortable in. If you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing, it often shows in the images.  However, avoid basic tees, and certainly no words on clothing.
  • When in doubt, long sleeve dark colored solids are almost always safe.  If it's hot outside, thin breathable fabric helps.
  • If wearing heels, you can also bring flip-flops or other shoes that you can be more comfortable in while walking in-between shots.
  • Try on everything a few days before the shoot. You’ll want to make sure your clothes fit correctly and you don’t have distractions from panty lines, bra straps, poor fitting clothing, or wrinkles! 


Amarillo Family Portrait by DJP - 1Amarillo Family Portrait by DJP - 1Amarillo Botanical Gardens location, by Darkroom Junkie Photography


Should I get my makeup professionally done?

Not necessarily.  Many women find that they can apply additional makeup themselves.  It is recommended to go a shade darker on blush and lipstick than you would wear for everyday use.

However, there are some benefits to getting your makeup done professionally:

  • Makeup looks different on-camera than in-person, and a professional makeup artist will know how much more makeup you’ll need to show well on camera and make you look your best!
  • Your skin will look better in-camera, and you’ll be amazed how flawless your skin looks!

    Want to add-on the professional hair & makeup service?  No problem, just let me know!


Amarillo Baby PhotographerAmarillo Baby PhotographerAmarillo Family Photographer, Jessi Norvell, located in Panhandle, captures the innocence of children and their big personalities like this girl showing off her big grin.


Should we bring props?

This is completely up to you! If there are certain items that reflect something about you guys or your story that you would like to incorporate into photos, bring them (hats, fun shoes, a pet, sports paraphernalia, a car, bicycles, etc.)! If it may rain on the day of your session, then we always have a backup location, but sometimes bringing along coordinating umbrellas can make for a great way to keep your session day fun and still get great imagery.  It’s completely up to you.

Is there anything else we should bring?

Unless you have your makeup professionally done, bring powder to help eliminate any shine on the skin, lipstick, and hairspray for any flyaway hairs. Other than that you’re good to go! Be ready to have some fun!


Darkroom Junkie Photography by Jessi Norvell


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